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Program: Computta Smart MinerWide coin world - computta
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin ( What is Bitcoin )
Support OS: Windows 64-bit ( from Windows XP – Windows 10 )
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How many computers or notebooks do you have?

Have you ever tried Bitcoin Mining!

Have these devices been working for you or put in the corner?

Why don’t you turn them into 24X7 money generators?

People who are interested in bitcoin know that they need ASICs – a machine specially designed and built just for mining bitcoins. Alternatively, invest a mining cloud company in obtaining bitcoin. Today, the Computta provides a better way to achieve bitcoin with home computers, gaming computers or even old computers.

Computta Smart Miner – A Free Mining Software for General Computer.

Computta smart miner is a 100% free bitcoin mining software for general computers and gaming computers. It is designed to gather each computer’s processing power in the world and makes them into a giant calculating system to perform bitcoin mining on the blockchain. Users can earn bitcoin smoothly and efficiently without ACISs or extra investment.

How do I start bitcoin mining – Use Smart Miner with Just 3 Steps.

  • Sign up Computta
  • Download Computta Smart Miner Software
  • Install and set Smart Miner Software on Windows system: During the installation, Smart Miner will perform value assessment. You will understand that how revenue you will earn from your computer. Please read my tutorial for further information.
  • Start Earning Money Online: The average of a general computer generates $22.80 per month, a gaming computer makes $78 per month. It depends on your performances of CPU and Video card.

For my old computer, I can receive about $27 per month. The minimum required amount of bitcoin for withdrawal is five mBTC ( 0.005BTC = 55.95 US Dollar ). When you are going to withdraw bitcoin, the Computta takes 25% of the total profits of withdrawal.

Earning More Money with Just 2 Steps.

  • Get Referral Link: On the Overview page, you will receive a referral link.computta-affiliate-program
  • Spread Link to the world and get 10% Commission: Computta provides a Five TIER AFFILIATE STRUCTURE, you can be paid commissions on five tiers below you.
  1. Tier 1 – Your Referrals = 10%
  2. Tier 2 Referrals = 5%
  3. Tier 3 Referrals = 5%
  4. Tier 4 Referrals = 3%
  5. Tier 5 Referrals = 2%

How to Set Payment on Computta – You Need a Bitcoin Wallet Address

In order to withdraw bitcoin, members have to set payments on Computta. How to set payment and get a bitcoin wallet? Please read my tutorial.

Will Smart Miner Burn My Computer? No, Because of The Smart Mode.

The Smart Miner has the Smart Mode to adjust system loading. In Smart Mode, you can modify the resource loading to mine bitcoin. The default is from 25% to 70%. That means that the smart miner loads 25% of the resource while you are working. As soon as the computer is idle, the smart miner charges 70% of the resource for mining bitcoin.Wide Coin World - Computta smart mode setting

Conclusion – Smart Miner Is The Best Mining Software For Newbie

The value of bitcoin is higher than other currencies, mining bitcoin is harder than before. That is why people have to spend much money to purchase a mining machine or invest the cloud mining companies like Genesis Mining and Hashing 24.

Computta provides the best way to earn bitcoin 24X7 with home computers, gaming computers or even old computers. Hurry up, take your old computers from the corner and give them a chance to make money for you.

Are you interested in making money in your free time? Please leave a comment or question. I will be happy to discuss with you.

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