Computta Smart Miner Installation

Installing Computta Smart Miner is very easy. After download and standard install, setup is only a two-click process.

  1. First off your must register to get a Member Account.
  2. Download the current version of Smart Miner software from your Account’s Download Smart Miner tab
  3. Double-click on the downloaded Computta_windows-x64.exe to start installing and follow installing wizard to complete will take 1 minute only.

Login with your registered email and password

login screen

Start Benchmark to estimate how much your computer can generate

Computta - start benchmark

You will get information about how revenue you will get from your computer

After benchmark completes, click “Start Earning”

benchmark complete

Moreover, this will take you to the Main Screen, you can set your preferences there or safely close it, and it will silently sit in your Windows tray in the bottom right, generating your money while your work, play or sleep!

Computta - Smart MinerNOTE, after your install and start the Smart Miner app, it will be working in the background and start with Windows start. You can see that it is running by looking for its icon (little blue cloud) in the Windows tray in the bottom right of your screen.Computta Smart miner - system tray

The bottom line is, download and install Computta Smart Miner app and your computer will be generating your money as long as it is power on. On Autopilot. 100% Free. No Catch!