Cryptohuge review 2018 – In My Honest Opinion

Wide Coin World - CryptohugeSite: Cryptohuge Cloud Mining
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
Bonus: $100
Site rate: 4 out of 10

What is Cryptohug?

Cryptohuge is a cloud bitcoin mining site. It has 12 mining server contracts from $100/day to $204800/day, and the profit is from $1/day to $2048/day ( Modified on 2018/02/13 ). The mechanism of mining bitcoin is different from other ordinary cloud mining sites. You have to rent a contract for 24 hours. After that, the mining server stops and you repeat the action of renting a server or more servers for more profits.Wide Coin World - Cryptohuge server rent

For example, I rent a $100/day for a $1/day profit. After 24 hours, the mining server will stop. My $100 and $1 profit will transfer to my Balance. After that, I rent a service again. That is the rule.Wide Coin World - Cryptohuge Statistics

How I work on the Cryptohuge – No investment needed.

First of all, I did not invest money and time on Cryptohuge. I took a referral link from a market group and registered with my google account. Cryptohuge gave me $100 to start mining bitcoin with a basic contract. I need to follow the rule to increase my balance to $1000 if I want to withdraw money out.

It is a long way to reach $1000! I took the second way, the Cryptohuge affiliate program. Just invite people to this program with your referral link. You will earn $20 per each downline working here.

Below is a paid proof video from a guy who received $1000 from Cryptohuge

Conclusion – Is it a best way to invest your money?

I am interested in this project. However, I do not recommend to spend money on it. There are three reasons below:

  1. There is not a system having the ability of accurately calculating the profit that you will earn, especially bitcoin mining.
  2. There is not any information about a location of bitcoin mine and mining equipment.
  3. Cryptohuge does not provide any information about bitcoin mining performance.

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If you have any question about Cryptohuge, please leave a comment or a question. I will be happy to help you.

Eli Hsu
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