Cryptohuge Review 2018 – In My Honest Opinion

Wide Coin World - CryptohugeSite: Cryptohuge Cloud Mining
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
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Site rate: 7 out of 10

What is Cryptohug?

Cryptohuge is a cloud bitcoin mining site. It has 12 mining server contracts from $100/day to $204800/day, and the profit is from $1/day to $2048/day ( Modified on 2018/02/13 ). The mechanism of mining bitcoin is different from other ordinary cloud mining sites. You have to rent a contract for 24 hours. After that, the mining server stops and you repeat the action of renting a server or more servers for more profits.Wide Coin World - Cryptohuge server rent

For example, I rent a $100/day for a $1/day profit. After 24 hours, the mining server will stop. My $100 and $1 profit will transfer to my Balance. After that, I rent a service again. That is the rule.Wide Coin World - Cryptohuge Statistics

How I work on the Cryptohuge – No investment needed.

First of all, I did invest money and time on Cryptohuge. I also took did my part to share the affiliate referral link. I Signed Up and registered with my google account. Cryptohuge gave me $100 to start mining bitcoin with a basic contract. I need to follow the rule to increase my balance to $1000 if I want to withdraw money out.

It is a long way to reach $1000! So I got to work with Both ways that you’re allowed to make profits.  The second way is, the Cryptohuge affiliate program. Just invite people to this program with your referral link. You will earn $20 per each downline working here.

Below is a paid proof video from a guy who received $1000 from Cryptohuge

Conclusion – Is the best way to invest your money?

I am interested in this project. However, It’s Up To You If You Want To Spend Additional Money On It. There are three reasons below:

  1. There is not a system having the ability of accurately calculating the profit that you will earn, especially bitcoin mining.
  2. There is not any information about a location of bitcoin mine and mining equipment.
  3. Cryptohuge does not provide any information about bitcoin mining performance.

Are you interested in making money online with Cryptohug?

If you have any question about Cryptohuge, please leave a comment or a question. I will be happy to help you.

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Cryptohuge Admin Updates


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Cryptohuge Update:

Cryptohuge Has Updated Their Website, and Their Payment Settings So Now Depending On What And If You Have Your Withdrawl Settings Setup Appropriately, Payouts Should Be Faster! Now Don’t Get Too Excited The Fine Print Says That They Can Take Up To 90 Days With Certain Payment Settings. So For Those Of You Who Are Having Troubles Getting Payouts, Try A Different Payout Setting. If You Need Help With This Let Me Know In The Comments And I’ll Help You Out,

I’ve Contacted Support, And I’m Awaiting On A Reply To Be Added As A Offical CryptoHuge Representative. Provided All Things Go As Planned I’ll Be Able To Help You Guys Directly With Payout Problems, So Please Make Sure To Use This Link TO SIGN UP WITH SO I CAN SAY YOUR A DirectAffiliate OF MINE! If You Already Have An Account Sign Up With  A Different Account (From a Different Device If Possible As Well)! Hope This Helps So of You Guys Who have left comments stating you’re having problems with a payout. I’ve never had a problem except at the very begging when I set up the payout setting wrong. Since Then I’ve Had 6 Successful Payouts In 3 Different Ways!

48 Comments on “Cryptohuge Review 2018 – In My Honest Opinion”

    1. Hi, your referrals have to start renting a server and earning money.
      When their balances reach $20. They will be activated and you will receive the commissions from them.

    1. Hello Arnold,
      Thanks for your question, can you be a little more clear? What exactly are you asking if you leave your device open for 24 hrs or not about?

    1. I think as once declared in their FAQs (now no longer there) that they pay for all who asked for payment in the first 2 weeks of the month on 28 th of that month …those who request later get it on 28 th of next month. Today is 29, you should have got payment by now. Please inform us whetyher you have recieved payment or not so that we will know whether it is a scam or legit.

      1. I can’t understand what your question is exactly, but if you could reword the question in a way that i could understand i would happily try to answer your question

  1. I’m confused about their payment system. It is said they also use paypal for payment request. In the payment settings, it’s asking for paypal account number. From what I’ve known Paypal does not have any account number or routing number. What should I put in the account number field?

  2. You should choose at first the system which you want use to paid,if you choose pay pal you should give ID number for your pay pal account ,you can get it from settings in your pay pal account,copy it and paste in cryptohuge site to can withdrawal funds.

  3. 12800 Dollars in a 350 days working everyday no day off no rest everyday I get in the website and check out, rent a server and go day after day I am investing now it’s a great way to make money in a slow way for few months suddenly it booms to the top just invest in it

  4. Forget about this website, it doesn’t pay !
    I withdraw $1000 on May 10th, and I still didn’t get anything.

    1. if someone make a mistakenly register more than 2 account by different account of Facebook using one mobile phone they will able to get paid or they will brock account?

      1. I would only use one account, otherwise, there is a possibility that they could close both of the accounts if they catch you!

  5. I open 2 account different details on same mobile phone but I saw rules and I leave those account a focusing on one account they will able to accept my withdrawal or they gonna block me

    1. Im not sure? I haven’t used western union to withdraw, but i will try to get an answer for you. I’m assuming that western union would have an account number that is assigned to you.

  6. hello, why my referral link not function? my friends was signup with my referral link and the system don’t have to show any member login using my reference link.? any solution about this or need to wait?

    1. We are re-developing Wide Coin World, to make it a better site for everyone. So until that time the referral/affiliate program will not be active. I really sorry! I can tell you that Soon there will be a community that you’ll be able to sign up for, for free! We are also working on bringing new bitcoin along with other cryptocurrency software and systems, and to help everyone here make money online with bitcoin and cash.

  7. I like cryptohuge so far. I have a question. If i do not have any referal on my account can i be eligible to withdraw when I atrain the required amount for withdrawing?

  8. Is the app works in the Philippines? I got a mail in my gmail account about this app or site? from us largest safelist

    Ist legit??

  9. I just want to share that I just requested withdrawal of $1000 today after so many months of reinvesting my bonus amount. I will let you know if I am able to withdraw it.

  10. Hi. I just request for withdrawal of the minimum amount which is $1000 after so many months of reinvesting my bonus. I will let you know if I am able to withdraw the money.

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