Report Scam Mail – A Camouflaged Blockchain Email

Report Scam Mail

Have you realized that there are millions of fraudulent activities happening in one day? The criminals get private information from victims by publishing fake information with scam emails, software, forums and social media. Let me walk you through all the strategies.

A Weird Email In My Mailbox From Blockchain

On 2017/11/08, I got an e-mail from Blockchain :

Greeting To You
150 bitcoin has been transferred to your bitcoin wallet Ending 82LtfkyJvk, Kindly Check the payment slip attached details and verify that the 150 bitcoin we transfer was made to the right bitcoin wallet details you provided to us.
your soonest reply will be appreciated
Thanks, Regards,

I went back my Blockchain account and checked the transaction history, there was no anything mentioned in the email. I notified that there was an attachment called “Bitcoin Payment Pdf .iso“. I downloaded on my desktop and scanned it with Dr.Web AntiviruDr.Web Antiviruss. This file was detected a malware and removed by Antivirus. I tried to find a method to contact Blockchain about this issue. Finally, I found the Blockchain Support Center and described the situation. Blockchain replied that the email was absolutely a scam. They are going to investigate it. I hope that they will solve this issue for all the clients.

Blockchain support center

How do you do next step?

  • Set the fake Blockchain address in a blacklist and refuse to receive this kind of mail. Scan your computer with Antivirus.

  • If your computer were infected with the “Bitcoin Payment Pdf .iso“, just keep your relevant data and move them to another device, re-install the operating system and a strong Antivirus on your computer. Because you never know when the malware will take your private information away and the hacker will send your Bitcoin to another wallet address.

How do hackers do next step?

Hackers start collecting data from victim’s computer in the world. Identify, credit card number, password, user id from websites and any secret information that you typed on the keyboard. When the time is right, they will log in and tried to transfer your Bitcoins or money to another place. You will be the prize to be won.


  • The Blockchain support mail is “

  • The Blockchain support website is “
  • Don’t download any free or cracked software from unknown websites, forums or any social media, because there is no such thing as a free lunch, isn’t it?



6 Comments on “Report Scam Mail – A Camouflaged Blockchain Email”

  1. The scams are getting more and more clever and the people behind them have less and less scruples. It’s really disturbing. But thanks for posting this! I appreciate people who bring scams to public attention and your post was well received.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, I agree with your opinion.
      In my thought, the better way is to spread this information to anyone who is interested in Bitcoin.
      I am doing it because I understand the feeling.

  2. Hello
    It is good that you took an action before anything actually effected your account. But the best thing is not to ever open such attachments that ask for private info because the other party should have all your info if they are legit and have been dealing wit you in the past. Thank you for sharing.

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